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Large Grey Oxide Parkerizing Kits

Large Grey Firearms Kit


Genuine Parkerizing Made Easy Kit In the Original WW2 type Grey Oxide. This Kit contains a 8 oz bottle of Grey Oxide Parkerizing Concentrate along with an 8 oz bottle of Preservative Oil with Sprayer and an 8 oz bottle of Cleaner-Degreaser with Complete easy to follow Parkerizing Instructions.

The Grey Oxide type has been used to Parkerize many Weapons and Field Equiptment of many countries for a long time to prevent Rust and Corrosion.

Any item you Parkerize with this finish depending on the Metal hardness will usually come out as light to dark Grey as opposed to the Dark Charcoal Black color when you Parkerize with Black Manganese.

Large Grey Auto-Moto Kit


Parkerizing Made Easy Kit in OEM Grey Oxide. This Kit contains 8 oz of Grey Oxide Concentrate, the Finish used on many Military and Civilian Motorcycles. Also included are 8 oz of Preservative Oil with Sprayer, 8 oz of Cleaner-Degreaser and Complete easy to follow Instructions.

This is the Original type finish used on Vintage Autos & Motorcycles and others. Formulated especially for Vintage Motorcycles & Autos. Items Parkerized with this finish will usually come out as light to dark Grey as opposed to the dark charcoal color when Parkerized with Black Manganese.

Motorcycle & Auto Formula will produce a heavier/coarser finish normally used on Heads, Nuts & Bolts and various parts and castings.